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amanda jacoby

I am a creative unicorn, designer, sparkle enthusiast, and crazy dog lady. Within my design work, I attempt to bring in a lively, colorful and exciting energy that will draw attention and catch your eye. In other words, I’m not very subtle. While exploring my thesis, I thought about how I could bring my bubbly and fun-filled outlook into my work, and explore a new medium to express myself aside from the usual graphic design standards. With my admiration of sparkles leading the way, my thesis project came to be.

the after party

This project is completely centered around making someone have a feeling of being excited, playful, and energetic and have them leave with a smile on their face. Through my research and development to achieve this, I found a study that showed children laugh and smile an average of 300 times per day, while adults only do this about 20 times per day. I began wondering what makes us lose our smiles as we age, and why we let the little things that used to fill us with joy fade away. I wanted this project to bring them back, and give people that moment of childlike excitement, leaving them feeling refreshed and making a moment of significant happiness in their day.