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amelia diaz

Born in Manhattan, raised in New Jersey, I have always been surrounded by artistic inspiration. It wasn't until sophomore year in high school where I knew I wanted to pursue design. Currently I am interning at a company called Water Music Publishing in Bloomfield, NJ. There I have found my passion for music and am pursuing a career as a designer in the music industry where I will also be pursing my passion for dancing. Dancing and music has influenced my work at Mason Gross and will continue to be an influence for the rest of my career.


Audiobiography is a experiential piece using sound and calming visuals to show the viewer my life. I had taken specific sounds that I had remembered throughout my childhood until now and created a timeline from 5 stages; infant, child, pre-teen, teen, and young adult. The piece gives an insight on how life is very repetitive and is broken up into these short moments of fun and memorable moments.