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claire reyes

Claire is an illustrator/designer inspired by sci-fi/fantasy works ranging from video games, movies, comics, animation, and more. She favors minimal yet friendly and colorful design, paying special attention to typography. In her illustration work, she strives for clean markmaking and is especially influenced by Japanese art. Claire has the most fun with front-end web design, branding, and print. In addition to completing her B.F.A in Visual Arts in Mason Gross, she is also pursuing a second major in East Asian Languages and Area Studies with a concentration in Japanese.

the witch's guest

The Witch’s Guest will be a story about young witch Tala (and her friends Mina and Neri) grappling with the reality that aliens do in fact exist, and the proof is crashing on Tala’s couch for as long as no shadowy and ominous government organization comes knocking on her door. I wanted to create something where I could look at the main character and relate to them immediately and to have a fun story with diverse characters. I’ve also wanted to try my hand at making a webcomic after I graduate. The Witch’s Guest is far from being a completed narrative, but in creating this installation, I hope to take those first steps.