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devayani kumaran

My name is Devayani Kumaran and I am a senior at Mason Gross School of the Arts with a concentration in design. Before joining this school, I had always been interested in visual arts at a young age. Along with design, I enjoy photography, drawing and painting as well. My work is a combination of both print and digital pieces. To me, design is about being able to convey a specific message through different ways in order to communicate with the viewer. My passion for design and visual arts is what allows me to learn and create new designs each day.

dusky and lovely.

For decades, skin whitening treatments have been popularized by the media by saying that fairer and lighter skin is seen as beautiful whereas darker skin is not. “Fair and Lovely” is a popular skin whitening cream in India that is marketed towards Indian women with darker skin. Indians use the term ‘dusky’ for dark skin and is used in the negative sense. In reaction to this, I decided to create a campaign called Dusky and Lovely. With this campaign, I hope to celebrating women of color along with reverse the meaning of the word ‘dusky’ into a more positive one.