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grecia richiez

Design is something that just happened to fall into my lap in high school. I took a photography class that was more focused on photoshop and merging images with type to create different works of art. From there I began working around my high school helping to design posters and flyers for events. I discovered that print design was one of my inner passions and decided to pursue a life centered around print. I've designed a cookbook for a company based in the UK and am currently working with a psychic medium to produce a website that will promote her growing company. I aspire to be a freelance designer so that I can travel the world and work with people from multiple other countries.

love & friendship

My work for this exhibition thrives to explore perspective by following protagonist Maria through her experiences with love and friendship. All of her struggles to find out what both love and friendship mean are examined throughout the book, each character that is encountered also provides their perspective on the same stories Maria shares. The book focuses on both sides of the story and all the stories are accounts that happen frequently in everyday life.