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kris khunachak

Hello world! My name is Kris Khunachak and I am a senior at the Mason Gross School of the Arts earning a BFA in Visual Arts with a concentration in design. I am hugely into graphic design and branding, and aspire to work for a multidisciplinary design firm. I firmly hold the belief that not enough people realize that literally every single object or visual creation that began as a human idea is designed. I want to help spread an appreciation for that fact. I also like to dabble in generative glitch art and golf.

closed circuit

My project, titled Closed Circuit, is an exploration of the fallacies of overt government surveillance. Physically, it is a two-part project consisting of a menacing security camera and a shady surveillance booth from which a viewer can observe what the camera sees. The catch is that this view is highly distorted both visually and temporally, as movement over time is overlapped and stacked in a way that renders the camera useless as an implement of security. As a government agency might scrawl the web, phone calls, or video surveillance for very specific instances and events, they create a distorted reality where context matters less than jumping the gun. This project is an attempt to create a visual metaphor of that distorted reality.